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Our Therapy Services


Occupational Therapy

We help children to attain the highest level of independence and be the most successful in adapting to and participating in everyday life




Therapy can result in improved quality of life for children by increasing their functional mobility, range of motion, balance, postural support, strength, endurance, and decreasing pain.




We specialize in Reflex Integration, a passive treatment approach, that uses gentle and subtle movement patterns to develop optimal nerve net connections between the body and the brain


Animal Assisted Therapy

Therapy animals, especially dogs, provide value for improving client's progress towards their goals.  Our dogs are AAT certified through Pet Partners.




Feeding therapy is helpful for infants and children who have difficulties sucking, chewing, feeding, or swallowing. 

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Speech therapists work on communication skills and language skills necessary for a child to participate in play, interact successfully with family members and friends, express themselves, and understand others.




We harness the therapeutic properties of water to improve neurosensory processing, postural control, reflex integration, motor skill development, coordination, muscle tone, strength, endurance, oral motor skills, body awareness, and self cares.




Parents and children are empowered with strategies that can ensure the child can say what they wants to say, when they want to say it.




Our therapists will help your child achieve dry days and nights.




Coming Soon...

Group therapy classes will connect our clients with others who are also healing and learning.  

Telehealth Services

At Therapy Junction, we provide many of our therapy services via telehealth.  We successfully treat our patients from the safety and comfort of their own home.  

We Specialize In

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Sensory Processing Disorder

Down Syndrome

Developmental Delays

Attention Deficit Disorders

Feeding Delays

Oral Motor Delay

Speech & Language Delay

Our Story

Therapy Junction is an outpatient pediatric therapy clinic located in Plymouth, Minnesota just outside of Minneapolis. We offer a wide variety of specialized services to meet your child’s needs. Our clinic utilizes a developmental approach in order provide the most effective treatment plan and just right challenge. Therapy Junction prides itself on evidence-based practice, new innovative treatment strategies, and unforgettable family support and care. Our therapists strive to provide families with instruction, guidance, and the utmost respect for the challenges and successes faced in life.

What Our
Clients Say

"Laughter and screams of delight are the sounds that I hear during Cari's aquatic therapy time. Jennifer's charismatic nature and ability to make hard work effortless is remarkable. She masks therapy with creative games and humor to keep Cari engaged and craving more time in the water. What a joy it is for me to watch Cari bond with Jennifer as they dive for buried treasures down below, box with ridiculously large blow-up gloves, and play catch under water. Oh, did I mention Cari started swimming within 5 sessions of working with Jennifer? What a bonus! Summer swimming, here we come! We are so grateful for this wonderful addition to Cari's life! Thank you Jennifer."

Young Family

Meet Our Team

Our team members have a wide range of expertise, and their greatest skill is connecting with our clients and providing nurturing therapy and care.